Returning home…


It has been more than a week since I returned home from hiking the El Camino Santiago in Spain.  Some know it as “The Way of St. James” and some may have even watched Martin Sheen’s movie “The Way.” Well worth watching and keep in mind, it is Hollywood.

The trip taught me many things about myself, both on a physical level and emotional. On the physical level I was extremely happy the my legs were strong from my Yoga practice and my emotions, although at times challenged, I knew that I just need to close my eyes for a moment and just breath.

So Yoga is truly “seeing life the way it is.” When I returned from my trip I went into Boston to see my son and every so often I would see someone in a wheel chair or with some physical challenge and it was at those moments I received the message that I was and am truly fortunate to have a body that moves. These people endure so much more than mountains, valleys and the questioning of their endurance. They must and while we are given the gift to move, walk or dance we must honor this gift because in fact – it is honoring them.

Move, walk, dance, and yes, arrive on the mat and give thanks that you do Yoga!

Happy Summer Pipal Leaf Yogis!! 


With Summer upon us, don’t let your yoga practice go on vacation!  Pipal Leaf has seasoned teachers, including teachers new to our community, who are excited to share their love for yoga with you! We offer a variety of classes for students of all levels.  Keep your mind and body healthy this Summer and treat yourself to a class!  Visit our website for our current schedule.  We look forward to seeing you on the mat!!